Sabrina Elizabeth

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Holistic Women's Health Advocate, I often recommend Timely Relief to my clients! I love this product, as I have witnessed it's benefits of regulating hormones in my own body. I feel that this tea can help many women with a variety of different health issues, especially when taken on a regular basis! I highly suggest that you purchase this product as a wonderful gift to yourself or loved ones!

-Sabrina Elizabeth


Yasmin Mohamud

I have used Timely Relief, G3 Brain Power, and Eastern Sunshine.  I find them all pleasant and effective.  Also the Cough & Cold formula is a combination we have used in our household for seasonal sniffles and colds.  I really appreciate how easy it is to use Unani Herbal Formulas, just a little hot water and a small spoon full of the herbal paste.


Fatun Jennah

I love Timely Relief!! It has really helped my menstrual cycle so much!!! I use it on a daily bases and it definitely works!!!