Honey-Based Formulas

Honey is a key to our success.  Unani Herbal Honey-Based Formulas are made of powdered herbal blends mixed together with honey.  We use honey as the base for several reasons, the main one being the many nutritional benefits of this valuable superfood known for its many positive assets.  Beyond that, honey is a natural antibacterial preservative assisting in preserving the helpful properties in the herbal blends.  Finally, honey is a great medium for delivering the wonderfully unique values of the Unani Formulas and stands as a traditional component of the Unani system.  Simply stir the honey-based formula into hot water and it becomes a fine tea.

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Holistic Healing

When approaching health with a natural perspective it becomes necessary to learn about yourself, natural medicines, exercise, dietary nutrients, spirituality, and how we fit into this view.  Each of us can learn enough to help ourselves and begin to inform others as well.  There is an Ultimate Source of healing and our bodies are designed to be in tune with this vital force, by which we can find a natural state of health that suits who we are.

With a deep trust in herbal medicine and a nutritional approach to balancing health, we developed some honey based formulas to help people with some common imbalances.   Based on years of using natural remedies for our family, along with studies of the benefits of Unani medicine, and Nutrional Health Coaching, we have several whole-health suggestions to offer people on their way to being well.

This website offers an opportunity for us to connect and begin communicating to address your health needs.  Feel free to contact us and we will go from there...

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Unani Herbal History

Unani is the Arabic word for Greek, the Unani system of medicine developed greatly out of the traditional teachings of the Greek Physicians Hippocrates and Galen.  As these teachings were later eclectically absorbed into the practices of Muslim Physicians like Avicenna (Ibn Sina) the system of medicine became known as Unani Tibb.  Our Unani Herbal formulas have been available for peoples benefit since 2001 and now we have expanded the line to further assist with other common needs.

The Unani approach takes into account the unique humoral character type of each individual allowing an understanding of the base-line normal state of health.  Many elements of daily life need to be assessed to properly understand any given imbalance.  Emotional states, nutritional base, breathing, environmental, physiological and biological functions, exercise, sleep and rest are all important factors when considering a plan for balanced health.

We work with people to develop a plan to reach optimal goals of well-being, the whole time teaching the intuitive way of self healing by adjusting life patterns to achieve balance and harmony that leads to happiness.

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Nature is Balanced all around us,
Earth - Wind - Water - Fire

Fire = Emotion

Water = Affection

Air = Breath

Earth = Form